FCH Architects

FCH Architects are very proud to be working closely with Steppingstone Group on a several projects. Their desire to deliver high quality, intelligent design solutions and innovative buildings aligns directly with our own company objective and aspirations.


GL Hearn

GL Hearn have worked closely with Steppingstone Group to advise and deliver on a number of residential and commercial projects, providing quality and uniquely placed accommodation for a range of end users.

Stephenson Studio

Stephenson:ISA Studio believes that innovative, contemporary architecture, based on modernist principles has an enormously positive effect.  


DK Architects have worked succesfully with Steppingstone Group to deliver planning for more than 75 properties

Gerrard O’Donnell

Gerrard O’Donnell recognises the Steppingstone Group for their innovative and refreshing approach to providing bespoke developments.